Change the Way You Look at Time

Ari Baum |

As I reflect on my life now, with two of my children in college, it's impossible not to marvel at how swiftly time slips through our fingers. These years, nestled between youth and old age, are the ones that truly matter, the ones we must make the most of.

Consider this: in the first two decades of our lives, we're essentially blank slates, navigating the world with a sense of wonder and innocence. Our biggest concerns revolve around upcoming school tests.

Fast forward a couple of decades, from 60 to 80, and even beyond. We've toiled diligently, seen our children grow and leave the nest, and our daily routines have been entirely redefined. Gone are the days of monotonous cycles of waking up, going to work, coming home, and repeating ad infinitum. Now, we find ourselves as empty nesters, often gazing at the walls and contemplating the swift passage of time.

It's that middle period from 20 to 60, that seems to vanish in the blink of an eye. I can still vividly recall the days when I taught my oldest son how to ride a bike and my daughter how to drive a car. The memory of my daughter asking, "Which one is the gas, and which one is the brake?" still brings a smile to my face. Back then, it was a source of frustration, but today, it's a cherished and humorous family anecdote. It's astonishing to think that both of them are now almost in their 20s.

Time keeps marching forward, and it's incumbent upon us to seize the moment and relish it to the fullest.

This perspective on life resonates deeply with investing. Too often, we become ensnared in the allure of headlines and quarterly earnings reports, losing sight of the profound benefits of patience and long-term vision.

Consider a time when Apple and Blackberry battled for supremacy in the cell phone market. Many scoffed at the notion of abandoning physical buttons for touchscreens, fixating on those initial quarterly reports. Yet, as the years passed, the tables turned. Apple's unwavering commitment to innovation, user experience, and building an ecosystem paid substantial dividends. Blackberry, once an industry titan, found itself struggling to keep pace. It's a poignant example of how concentrating on a business's long-term vision and substance, rather than solely fixating on stock prices and short-term gains, can lead to enduring triumph.

Now, I invite you to reflect on what you cherish most about this phase of life, the experiences, dreams, and aspirations you hold dear.

Let's engage in a conversation about how we can assist you in conceiving, believing, and ultimately achieving those goals.


After all, life is a precious investment, and we should all strive to make the most of it.