A new chapter for Endurance Wealth Partners

Ari Baum |

You know that feeling when you stumble upon a hidden gem? For years, Endurance Wealth Partners has called Manhattan home. And we’re not going anywhere! But we are adding another home in Brooklyn.


The location in Industry City is close to Prospect Park, the Belt Parkway, and a Costco a block away. So you can come for a meeting and stay for dinner, or get some shopping done.

We can meet in the office or catch up around the fire pits outside.


And you’ll get to know our newest advisor, Jonathan Khalavsky, a testament to how fate brings people together. Jonathan and I first worked together back in 2006 and recently reconnected.

He was looking for a mission and culture like the one we have here at Endurance, where we merge work, family, and health.


Everything we do, ties back to my 4 truths:

-Love of family

-Love of what I do

-The love of making an impact on people’s lives

-And the commitment to being active


And Jonathan is making that commitment with me, starting to train for his first half marathon. Something he found out when I posted on the company website. Some people write in disappearing ink, I write in reappearing ink, setting bold goals and working towards them. So we’ll be using the gym a lot here in our new building.


Come by and check it out, we can’t wait to show around!


Let’s conceive, believe, and achieve a brighter future together.