Setting Big Goals for 2024

Ari Baum |

This is the year we’re going to get stuff done!


We’ve all heard the phrase, “New Year, New You,” but so often we fall short of meeting that expectation. 


I’ve found the best way for me to reach my goals is to throw out the most audacious mission and try to achieve it. That way, even if I fall short, I’m farther ahead than if I had set the bar low. 


I want to challenge you to do the same this year. Let’s find something you always thought about doing. Maybe we spoke about getting your estate plan done. Let's do it. Or maybe you want to increase your retirement contributions. Let's do it. 


Do you have big ideas for a dream vacation or buying a vacation home? Let’s put a plan into action. One of my clients set a goal to buy a property in Jamaica so I worked with them in developing a savings plan independent of their retirement strategy and now it’s happening! All because we set a goal and followed through. 


Or maybe this is the year you want to prioritize your health. Let's do it. We care about more than just the numbers on your statements. We care about you. What's the point of having money if you're not healthy enough to enjoy it? 


You may be wondering, “Ok, Ari, what’s YOUR big goal?” It’s to run the Boston Marathon in under three hours. It’s something I’ve had in the works for a couple years. And that’s important to remember. It can take time to accomplish audacious dreams, not every goal has to be met within a year. Let's hold ourselves accountable.


Let’s connect. Text me, email, call, whatever it takes to get the ball rolling, and tell me what's on your wish list so we can help you conceive, believe, achieve.